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1. FEED THE BIRDS & SAVE YOUR DRAIN PIPES: Cooking bacon for breakfast? To avoid putting bacon fat down the drain and blocking sewage pipes, add rolled oats to the cold bacon fat in the pan to absorb the fat. Then feed the oats to the birds outside. They love it.

2. CLEAN A STAINLESS STEEL SINK WITH FLOUR: If you have a stainless steel sink, polish it with flour. Wash and dry the sink, sprinkle the whole thing with flour, and then start buffing. You’ll be surprised at how sparkly the metal gets!

3. NEW USE FOR MESH PRODUCE BAGS: You know those mesh produce bags you get when you buy a dozen lemons or pounds of potatoes? Well, don’t toss them! Instead, place an old sponge inside the bag, secure it with a zip tie, and clip the ends. You’ve assembled a new pot scrubber.

4. WONDER BREAD TO THE RESCUE: Break a glass? Press a slice of bread gently over the broken glass and the little fragments will stick to the soft dough.

5. UNFREEZE A CAR KEYHOLE: Put as much hand sanitizer into the lock as possible. You can do so by squirting the liquid right out of the bottle or putting it directly on the key. The alcohol will heat up the ice and quickly unfreeze the lock.